Help: Student Employment Application

If you are a University of Michigan student and you plan to work in a temporary employment position at the Ann Arbor campus, you are required to complete the Student Employment Application in Wolverine Access. If your current information changes, you can return to the Student Employment Application to update your employment information on the Preparing for Temporary Employment pages.

Note: The Preparing for Temporary Employment pages provide hyperlinks that open related websites or Wolverine Access transactions (e.g., Direct Deposit) in new browser windows. To exit those websites or transactions, close the new browser windows. To view the Help pages for the related Wolverine Access transactions, use the links in the Questions? section of this Help page.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click Student Employment Application in Wolverine Access.
  2. Read the information on the Getting Organized page and click Next.
  3. Review the items and item statuses on the Employment Documentation Status page.
  4. If applicable, click the link(s) in the Additional Information column to open the related website or your Direct Deposit page in Wolverine Access. Review, enter, or update the information as necessary, and close the browser window.
  5. If you completed a Federal or Michigan W-4 Tax Form for the University of Michigan, you may click a W-4 Tax Information link to open your associated W-4 Tax Information page in Wolverine Access. Review the information, print a new W-4 form if necessary, and close the browser window.
  6. Click Next on the Employment Documentation Status page.
  7. Answer or update each of the three questions on the Eligibility and Conduct page and click Next.
  8. Enter or update your non-UM employment history on the Employment History page and click Next.
  9. Enter or update the information about your relative(s) currently employed by the University of Michigan on the Relative Employment Information page and click Next.
  10. Read the conditions, check the certification checkbox, and click Next on the Certifications page.
  11. Click OK to electronically sign the the document, which consists of the information you entered or updated on the Preparing for Employment pages.
  12. Review the summary of information.


Visit the University Human Resources website or use the following links to view the Help pages for the Wolverine Access transactions related to the Student Employment Application: