Help: About the Unofficial Transcript


Wolverine Access enables you to view and print unofficial transcripts. The unofficial transcript displays information from all schools -- Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medical, and Dental. After clicking view report, the unofficial transcript opens in a new browser window. Use your browser's Print function to print a copy of the unofficial transcript.

Transcript Field Descriptions

The following list provides descriptions of the fields on the Unofficial Transcript page.

Note: Your unofficial transcript may not include all of these fields; only data applicable to your record displays.

Student Name Displays student's name.
Date Issued Displays the date the unofficial transcript was issued.
UM Degree Information Displays the following UM degree information: degree, degree honors, academic plan, department honors, date awarded, and academic subplan.
Term & Year Displays the term and year of the enrollment data displayed.
Career Displays the career.
Subject Displays the subject of the course elected.
Course # Displays the course number of the course elected.
Course Title Displays an abbreviation of the name of the course elected.
Grade Displays the final grade you received in the class.
Hours Displays the number of elected hours per course, per term, per career.
MSH Displays the credits taken for the class that are included in GPA.
CTP Displays the total credits earned for the class that has been graded.
MHP Displays the total grade points earned for the class that has been graded.
Course Topic Displays the course topic, if applicable.
Course Attributes Displays any course attributes, if applicable.
Transcript Notes Displays any notes associated with your enrollment record.
ULWR Displays that the class has been elected to fulfill the upper-level writing requirement.
Term Totals Displays totals for the term for the particular career being viewed (i.e., GPA, Hrs, MSH, CTP, MHP).
Cumulative Total Displays cumulative totals as of the most recent term, for the particular career being viewed (i.e., GPA, Hrs, MSH, CTP, MHP).
Term Total Course Transfer Displays the total of the course credits related to transfer credit from another institution.
Term Total Test Transfer Displays the total of the test transfer credits (advanced placement or credit by exam).
Term Total Other Transfer Displays the total of the other transfer credits (e.g., work experience).
Transfer Credit Summary Adjustments Displays adjustments to the amount of credit received from transfer credits.
Academic Statistics for Displays the career for the academic statistics displayed.
Total to Date Displays the academic statistics for the particular career; includes graded elections and transfer credit (i.e., GPA, Hrs, MSH, CTP, MHP).
Transfer credit Displays the credits earned from an outside institution.
Cross Campus transfer Displays the internal transfer credits, which result from a career change within the University.
Test credit Displays credits earned from advanced placement testing, or another examination.
Other credits Displays credits earned from any other experience, such as work experience or internship.
Transfer Credit Accepted Displays the total after adding all transfer credits and subtracting the adjustment.
Program Action History Displays any actions taken on a student's program (e.g., suspension, leave of absence), in addition to the date, action, and plan.
Milestones Displays any non-course related degree requirement. Only completed milestones display.
Dissertation Committee Displays Dissertation Committee information (i.e., start date, end date, committee member, committee role).
Detached Study Displays the dates you are/were on Detached Study.
Academic Standing Displays any academic standing actions placed on your record.
Remarks Displays any academic related remarks.
Academic Previous Experience Displays any previous academic experience (i.e., dates of attendance, institution, address, city, state, zip, country, degree awarded, date conferred).
MI UIC Displays the student's State of Michigan Universal Identification Code (UIC).

Contact Information

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office at or phone (734) 763-9066.