Help: View Your Advisors


Wolverine Access enables you to view your assigned Academic Advisor(s). Not all Schools/Colleges/Departments assign Academic Advisors. If your School/College/Department does assign Academic Advisors, those assignments will display depending upon your School/College/Department practices.

Students without Assigned Advisors will see the following message:

  • None assigned.

Students with Assigned Advisors will see the following Advising information:

  • Academic Program:  Advisor(s) will be assigned to a specific Academic Program.

  • Academic Plan/Concentration/Minor, Etc:  Advisor(s) may be assigned to a specific Academic Plan. Your Academic Plan will not display if the academic advising assignment is not at the Plan level.

  • Advisor Name:  Advisor's name and email address link. This link will open a new window and enable you to send an email to your advisor.

  • Advisor Role:   The roles listed below are generalized roles shared by all Schools/Colleges/Departments.

    • General Advisor - Advisor for General or School/College requirements.
    • Departmental Advisor - Advisor for Departmental (Concentration, Major, Minor) requirements.
    • Program Advisor - Advisor for Program (concentration, major, minor) requirements.
    • Board Advisor - Advisor for academic discipline requirements.
    • Professional Career Advisor - Advisor who works with students specific to their future professional career.
    • Pre-Prof Advisor - Advisor for undergraduate students for an anticipated graduate or professional career.
    • Comprehensive Studies Prog Advisor - Advisor for Comprehensive Studies program requirements.
    • Honors Advisor - Advisor for Honors program requirements.
    • Residential College Advisor - Advisor for Residential College requirements.
    • Responsible Conduct Advisor - Advisor who works with student on responsible conduct for research and scholarship.
    • Practicum Advisor - Advisor for Practicum requirements.
    • Project Advisor - Advisor for Project requirements.
    • Thesis Advisor - Advisors for Thesis requirements.
    • Teaching Certification - Advisor for Teaching Certification requirements.


Contact Information

Questions? Contact your School/College/Department Academic Advising Office.