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Welcome to the University of Michigan Faculty and Staff Travel Registry Help page. The information here is intended to assist you with the completion of your travel registration; visit the Global Michigan portal for comprehensive information.

Note: The official U-M travel registry for students resides in M-Compass as of Sept. 2, 2015. M-Compass serves as the travel registry for all students - graduate and undergraduate - from the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses. Student programs, engaged learning opportunities, and travel registration information can be found in M-Compass, which includes both U.S. and international locations.

University policy may require that you register your travel abroad; even if not specifically mandated, all University faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to register all travel abroad in the event of an international travel emergency. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to register US travel if the trip involves an overnight stay.

You can also register your travel with the US Department of State; their web site also contains important tips and alerts for international travelers.

Trip plans can evolve, so as your arrangements and details progress, remember to visit the Travel Registry and update your trip information – including additional information you may learn only upon arrival to your trip destination. Complete and accurate information will enable the University to facilitate communications in the event of an emergency.

Be sure to email your itinerary summary to emergency contacts and others who need to know the details of your trip. Print a copy and include with your trip documents to ensure ready access to important contact information.

Private Personal Information (PPI) and the Travel Registry

By its nature, the Travel Registry collects private personal information (PPI) for use in travel emergencies. PPI is information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person, or may enable disclosure of personal information. The University ensures the protection of PPI that is maintained or processed by the University in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Faculty or staff may be concerned about the security, accessibility, and use of travel registration information they are asked to provide. U-M's Office of General Counsel provides the following guidance for the proper use of travel registry data.

  • The information stored in the Travel Registry is private and confidential.
  • Information is accessed only on a strict need-to-know basis by U-M staff. This information may not be disclosed to U-M employees or third parties unless they also have a job-related or a legal need-to-know as set forth by the University or in state or federal laws. For more information regarding the use of University data, refer to the Institutional Data Resources Management Policy.
  • In the case of an emergency, responding staff may consult with the International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC,, if possible, before releasing private personal information related to a Travel Registry registrant.
  • Misuse of the data stored in the Travel Registry may lead to disciplinary action.

Conduct Statement

University of Michigan faculty and employees are required to comply with all program conduct policies, University of Michigan conduct policies, the rules and regulations of the foreign host institution, and the laws of the host country while participating in a University-sponsored off-campus program or University business abroad.

For specific conduct policy information, visit the Global Michigan Policies website.

Help Topics

About Destination Country

List each country you will be traveling to during the course of your trip, including extended layovers.

Travel Abroad Insurance Enrollment and Information

U-M has contracted with HTH Worldwide/GeoBlue, a leader in international health insurance, to provide international travel health insurance.

Faculty and staff traveling for University business are automatically covered for international travel health insurance through HTH Worldwide/GeoBlue; you do not need to purchase insurance separately unless your trip is primarily for personal or leisure travel.

How to Enroll and Purchase:

When the primary purpose of your trip is for personal or leisure travel, you should enroll and purchase international travel insurance. To learn more, visit the University Health Service's Travel Abroad Health insurance plan website.

About Sponsored Travel

List the department, unit, or other University of Michigan organization that is sponsoring your travel. Sponsorship may include program travel coordination, financial support, or academic connection.

About Additional Travelers

The Travel Registry is a critical resource for effective emergency or critical incident response planning for the University of Michigan. This field gives you the option of listing the names and relationship status of family and friends who are accompanying you on your travel. Do not list individuals in this section if those individuals are U-M faculty/staff required to register in the travel registry system, or if they are students required to register in M-Compass.

The information you provide in this section will only be used in the case of an emergency (e.g., natural disaster, political/civil unrest, abduction/kidnapping, death or serious illness) or in order to provide effective support services should you or a member of your group become involved in a critical incident (e.g., victim of crime; loss of money/credit cards, travel documents or medications; or non-life threatening but serious illness or injury).

Visit the UHS Travel Abroad Health Insurance website for information about eligible dependent coverage.

About Adding Events - Optional Itinerary Detail

  • Add Transportation: Click Add Transportation to enter the details about each phase or leg of your trip's travel arrangements. You can add as many legs as needed; it is recommended a separate entry be made for every country change.
  • Add Lodging: Click Add Lodging to enter the details about each lodging arrangement for your trip. You can add as many lodging events as needed.

About Trip Contacts

Activity/Program Contact is optional information that can be added for U-M sponsored program travel. It is not required, but may provide additional detail about a trip in the event of an emergency.

  • Contact Type - Administrator may be used to enter the name of a U-M staff member from the department sponsoring the travel.
  • Contact Type - Faculty Leader may be used to identify the U-M Faculty leader for group travel.
  • Contact Type - Group Leader is similar to Faculty Leader, but the leader of the program group is not a faculty member.
  • Contact Type - On Site Contact may be used for group travel with a designated contact person at the program site, such as staff administrator of a host institution.

If none of the above apply to your experience, this section may be left blank.

Contact Information

For assistance or questions, contact the ITS Service Center: