Help: My Scholarship Profile


Thanks for completing My Scholarship Profile.  While the University of Michigan already has lots of academic, biographical, demographical, and financial information about you, a limited number of donor-provided scholarships ask for additional information.  My Scholarship Profile collects and stores this supplemental information so that scholarship administrators have it available for their use.  You should visit My Scholarship Profile often to update your profile because additional scholarships that use supplemental information will be added over time.

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For each of the categories listed, check the box(es) that apply to you. Checking the boxes doesn't mean you qualify for a particular scholarship – it just ensures that you're in the pool for scholarship consideration when the supplemental information is needed. The information you provide, combined with other information the university already maintains, rounds out your scholarship profile.

Scholarship donors

Over the university's history, thousands of individuals and groups have donated funds to support student scholarships.  Some of our living donors want be informed about selected students.  By selecting Yes, you are granting permission to authorized staff at the University of Michigan to share information about you (including academic, biographical, demographical, and My Scholarship Profile information) with interested donors.

This information can be shared

While the primary purpose for collecting information via My Scholarship Profile is to share additional information about yourself for potential scholarship consideration, some information you supply may be useful for other purposes. For example, your school/college scholarship administrator may notify you if your career aspirations align with a student organization recruiting new members. Checking this box enables authorized staff to share your My Scholarship Profile information with others in the University of Michigan community.

Accurate and true

By checking the accurate and true box you are certifying that the information you provided in the My Scholarship Profile is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge. You may be asked to verify your answers with supporting documentation if you are considered for a scholarship that uses your self-reported information.

What's Next?

My Scholarship Profile rounds out your information so your profile is complete for the many scholarship offices across campus that consider students for various scholarships. Some offices proactively identify eligible students, while others require you to complete an application. Different procedures, requirements, and deadlines abound! The Office of Financial Aid's scholarship website is a great starting point for scholarship information at the University of Michigan. Also check with the scholarship office in your school or college. Good luck!